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Steel belt presses for marble

With the development of modern construction industry, people are making more requirements such as light, high strength, beautiful and multispecies to the decoration material.
The artifical marble is appeared in that situation. It is a perfect decoration material for it's light, high strength, anti corrosion, anti pollution, Artificial grain and constructing convenience.

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  • Steel belt presses for marble

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 For the manufacture of artificial marble, NAUT recommend single Continuous belt press system. Compared with other traditional process, it has bellow advantage

  • Large capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Stable quality
  • Suitable for a variety of product


     In addition, single belt continusous press system can save one time investment compared with imported double belt press system.

System characteristics 

  • Symmetry(Bilateral processing)
  • Accurate  thicken
  • Width  accordance
  • Process  polymerization reaction
  • Feeding  casting cutter
  • Heating  hot air or water from upperbelt or lower belt
  • Cooling  cooling air or water from upper belt or lower belt

Typical application of vavety presses

  • Various laminated plates
  • Artificial marble(facing stone)
  • Automotive and aerospace fibre composite material
  • Plastic fibre composite material
  • Nature fibre composite material
  • Composite of wood and plastic
  • Building material series
  • Metal composite material(Heat sound insulation)
  • FPC & PCB
  • Thermoplastic board
  • Silicon board
  • Other high & low pressure composite board
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