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Large steel belt type soybean sheet machine

Time: 2017-07-06

Recently,ShangHai Naut Steel Belt Systems Co.,Ltd. finished a large steel belt type soybean sheet machine for customer,Being compared with traditional workshop or semi-automatic processing ways,Naut soybean sheet machine can realize automatic working way, and 24hours continouse production,high production, also meet hygienic security in food industry,reduce cost in labor,product quality, daily maintence, filling up the gap of the food field under the industrialization process.

Endless conveyor steel belts, being compared with other conveyor belts,easy to daily clean.Equipment length is 55.5 meters,every part use food grade materials to make,being compared with traditional equipment,more safty and hygienic.

Production information can be adjusted by control board in time,through precision temperature control to realize automatic product in 24 hours, output can be 1.5 tons every day,being compared with traditional processing way, meat high production,stable production requirements.