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Energy-saving and environmental protection high-yield rosin flake machine successfully delivered

Time: 2018-04-20

Recently, Naut for the Japanese customers customized environmental protection high yield rosin flake machine through the customer acceptance, and from the special car to the customer site.


↓↓↓ equipment is in the loading ↓↓↓


↓↓↓ equipment loaded, waiting for further fixed ↓↓↓


In recent years, with the global manufacturing industry continues to intelligent, green direction, the potential of a huge energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly equipment has become the first choice for each manufacturer.

With advanced design Technology team, we specialize in the production of energy-saving and environment-friendly steel belt equipment, we manufacture the cooling curing machine using the custom-designed imported steel belt, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the whole equipment.


Product Features:

1. Smooth operation, steel belt does not run deviation

2. Continuous operation, low energy consumption, high production efficiency

3. Simple operation, less dust, green environmental protection

4. Long service life, suitable for a variety of material production


And, Naut in the cooling curing field can provide from advanced design, safe manufacturing, efficient assembly to the fast after-sale one-stop comprehensive solution.

For a wider range of cooperation and new product development, we can also provide more cooperation model: the joint development of the two sides and the provision of the feasibility of the sample test.