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Bake oven carbon steel belt

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Bake oven carbon steel belt

Carbon steel belts for continuous baking and food processing industry

Carbon steel belts used for baking oven level products (bread, biscuits, cakes, etc.), NAUT standard flat steel belt and tapping steel belt undoubtedly is the ideal transmission part and its excellent quality will relieve all worries for the using. NAUT is one of the very few manufacturers of wide steel belt.

carbon steel belt used in continuous oven is made of special heat treatment process, which meets the requirements of the transmission, baking and edible of steel belt in high temperature, and other obvious features are as follows:

 >Well flatness on steel belt surface

 >Excellent fatigue resistance

 >Excellent performance of thermal

More specification for various needs:

Thickness(Unit: mm)     0.5 /0.8 /1.0 /1.2 /1.5

>Outstanding characteristics of steel belt

 >Conductivity and rate of heat exchange

 >Good wear-resisting property


 >Superior than metal mesh belt

 >Long service life

 >Easy to install

 >Has certain recovery value 

Carbon steel belt features

  • Suit to high temperature up to600℃
  • Hard &wear-resisting surface
  • Long life
  • Good heating exchange
  • Health and safety reliability
  • Energy efficient
  • Precise tracking and belt straightness
  • Reparability


Steel belt component content

NAUT Steel belt component content

Wider application

Baking in Food industry (such as

Bread, cookie and cookies etc)

〉Chocolate delivery in Food industry

〉High temperature drying in energy industry

〉continuous system high temperature fur