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ASS-1000 grade steel belt

NAUT ASS-1000 high corrosion resistance stainless steel belt , its chemical composition can be equal to 1.4435,DIN stainless steel, NAUT ASS1000 characters are excellent acid resistance,alkali resistance , corrosion resistance, temperature resistance. It is the ideal steel belt for continuous conveying,such as high corrosion industry ,chemical industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry, electron industry, mining resource industry and cooling system,include belt flaker , belt granulator, cooling belt for granules.

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  • ASS-1000 grade steel belt

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NAUT ASS-1000 high corrosion resistance stainless steel belt as conveyor belt can be applied for many industries , for example,chemical industry and food industry. In the chemical ,as cooling conveyor belt, such as cooling system, cooling conveyor, cooling belt for granules,belt flaker ,re sin flaker, belt granulator, wax granules cooling , sulfur granules cooling, anti-oxygen cooling. In the food industry, as food grade industrial conveyor belts , such as food granulation, chocolate powder cooling, coffee freezing cooling, cake processing ,hot melts solidification cooling ect .


ASS-1000 high corrosion resistance stainless steel belt character is high corrosion resistance ,medical level, hygienic level, high mechanical strength,Wide range of USES, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, excellent flatness, long usage time. The conveyor belt manufacturer NAUT produces all kinds of cooling belt, industrial conveyor belts, fan belt ,timing belt, rubber conveyor belt, small conveyor belt, conveyor belt rollers, transport belt, moving belt, the conveyor belt. NAUT ASS-1000 industrial conveyor belts can be applied to belt flaker, belt granulator,cooling system, cooling belt for granules, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, electron industry, mining industry and resource industry ect.   


NAUT ASS-1000 stainless steel industrial conveyor belts be applied to all kinds of conveyor system, such as cooling system, engine cooling system, cooling conveyor, conveyor belt system, flat belt conveyor, industrial conveyor, powered belt conveyor, material conveyor, modular belt conveyor, roller conveyor, granulation flake machine. The conveyor belt has many different names, such as: cooling belt, cooling conveyor belt, granulation cooling belt, resin cooler belt, chemical industry belt, rubber curing machine belt,granulation cooler belt, wax cooling belt, global conveyor belt, freeze belt,cool belt,Sandvik belt,the steel belt,flaker belt,whatever you want ,you can call me or email to :[email protected]


Outstanding characteristics of steel belt
Superior flatness (roughness≤2MM/2M2)
No rusting in a corrosive environment
Meeting the demand of food grade/ medical grade/hygiene grade adopting standard
Superior mechanical strength (such as tensile strength/ surface hardness/elongation, etc.)
Meeting the different of multiple products
Easy to maintenance and low maintenance cost
Steel belt running smoothly, without obvious noise.

Steel belt performance parameter


Chemical composition%













Other technical Data


≤ 2mm/10M

Thermal expansion coefficient

10/℃ (20-200℃)



≤3mm/2M  max.H:L

Modulus of elasticity



Edge burr

None. R corner

The thermal conductivity performance



Weld factor


Material density

7.93 g/cm²

Chemical cooling conveyor system

Cooling system

Cooling conveyor

Chloroacetic acid

High corrosion industry

Belt flaker

Belt granulator

Sulphur granules cooler

Wax granules cooler

Resin cooling flaker

Chemical pastillator

Hot melts solidification cooler


The food industry conveyor belt system

Food granulation 

Seafood frozen equipment

Chocolate powder processing cooler

Coffee freezing cooler

Cake processing


Maintenance service Tips ,Get your idea   whoops!!! get your point!!!


Steel belt welding

Width can 3~6 meter, NAUT ideal TIG/L/M-P,welding technology,it can make the thickness tolerance within 0.02mm,according to different steel belt welding coefficient and after treatment,welding strength can be 80%~97%( compared with raw materials)


Steel belt lengthways deformations

Normally steel belt lengthways deformations can be leveled by special leveling devices to change the whole steel belts’ flatness.


How to bond the v-ropes

One step: making your surface of belt coarse in the two sides of belt using polishing tools

Two step:Sticking scotch tap on the two sides

Third step: painting the glue into the surface of your belt, then bonding the v-ropes

Forth step: through automatic heating machine

On site if sticking v-ropes with heating board in different sizes


NAUT general service items:

1,more than 5~10 years experienced engineers on site guiding

2,local after service agent

3,24 hours prompt response on site

4,the whole set of welding kit equipment

5,detailed solution proposal

6,a training well after service team


NAUT yearly service items:

1,new steel belt welding and installing

2,old steel belt replacement and repair

3,bonding v-ropes and water proof v-ropes on site

4,super mirrored steel belt repair

5,polishing ,grinding,dressing on the surface of steel belt

6,spare parts changing


Steel belt performance parameter  

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